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Because my fingers just won’t stay still… May 8, 2009

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Whilst (Isn’t that a fun word! I’m feeling all whimsical) wandering through the fabric store I found this beautiful lavender-colored yarn. I just wanted longed desperately needed had to buy it ( I am a yarnaholic you know), after all it was on sale (oh the things we tell ourselves to enable our addictions!). It’s also SUPER DUPER soft, and made of bamboo (Yay! Go environment, go!).

That was two months ago.

This beautiful yarn has sat in my yarn tub (oh yes, a tub, I do have that much–you can ask my Hunk how much the yarn craze drives him bonkers, he won’t hold back. He loves me that much) waiting for me to decide what to use it for.

Well, I’ve finally found the perfect project. I’m not going to tell you what it is. However, you can guess as I go along and then see how cute it is at the end (sneaky, but fun– I hope!)

You’re one hint (besides the picture, duh): It’s for my beautiful little Red-Haired Girl who looks amazing in lavender!

Week One

Week One

P.S. I couldn’t get my camera to get the color right. I don’t know what it’s problem was (darn electronics!), I was using natural lighting and everything! Trust me it’s a beautiful, no-mistaking-it lavender. Not blue.

and P.P.S. I know I said this is week one but I actually just started it yesterday, but whatever. I’ll have a whole lot more to show next week!

Stay tuned next week for a little bit more!

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The sweater vest. April 24, 2009

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So you know how I was knitting a sweater vest for the Blue-Eyed Boy? And I spent all that time lovingly knitting it for like forever a month so he could wear it for Easter Sunday?

Do you also remember from my last post how we were all so sick? If you add two and two together—we missed Easter. Which means he didn’t get to wear his vest. Oh and we were still sick last Sunday which means we didn’t go to Church, so try number two didn’t work out either.

My cute little sweater vest is still where it’s been for the last three weeks-just hanging out in the closet. Hanging there, patiently waiting for my handsome little man to wear it. To say I’ve been bummed about it is an understatement.

It seems like the sickness has left us for now however, so knock-on-wood he should be able to wear it this Sunday.Third times the charm right?

and now the promised pictures……drum roll please….





I think it turned out good. I’m not so happy about the arm hole ribbing, but hey you live and learn. The next one will be better.

As I’m reading back through this post, holy crap it’s boring. Sorry, but hope you all made it through (If not don’t worry, I won’t ever know)! Maybe the pictures helped some? Maybe not.

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I’m never going to survive unless I get a little crazy February 27, 2009

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I’m a knitter, if you didn’t know.

I LOVE to knit, like I love to eat cookies. It’s very relaxing–the knitting that is. And it doesn’t make me fat like eating cookies does.

Right now I am knitting the Blue-Eyed Boy a sweater vest for Easter. I even let him pick the colors (what a crazy nice mommy!). He actually picked really nice complimentary colors (blue and bright green). The pattern is from 1950. My Great Grandmother bought the book for 75 cents way back when. When she passed my mom was given all of her knitting stuff because she had taught my mom how to knit (although I don’t think my mom remembers anymore) and no one else in the family knew how. When I taught myself how to knit my mom passed it all on to me. I have some really great books on argyle socks and such. I think the newest book I have was from the 70s (she died in the 80s just before I was born). I wish I could have known her. Anyways..moving on.

I really enjoy watching it come together. I am currently almost finished with the back side.  It’s full of cables and ribbing which keeps me on my toes (or fingers?), but makes it really interesting.

Here’s what it looks like so far:

The back

The back

Pretty spiffey huh? Well, I think so at least!

Now I don’t know if you all have noticed but for the last..umm….9 posts (including this one) I have been using song lyrics or movie quotes as the titles of my posts.

What in tarnation would posses me to do that?!? You might possibly be asking yourself (although not in such a strange way, I’m sure, unless you talk funny like me). Well, I’m going to tell you.

It’s Giveaway time!!!!! (Are you excited? Well you should be!)

One lucky winner will receive a hand-knit custom sweater vest for their little girl or boy. The only stipulation to this is that it will take me at least a month to make it, so sorry but good things come to those who wait! I’m going to leave this giveaway open for quite awhile so that I can finish the Blue-Eyed Boys vest and you all can see how it looks (and decide if you actually would want your kid to be seen in one!) And because I want to get more than just the 8 faithful readers to enter (I love you all–you know it). The other stipulation is that the winner give me some constructive criticism and feedback on it. I am thinking of adding these to my store and you (the lucky winner) get to be my guinea-pig (are you feeling special? I hope so!). Don’t worry I’ll just email you some questions to answer after you have received it, it’s easy as eating a pie…..or a cookie.

So, here are the rules:



Who can enter: Anyone

How to enter: Go look at the past 9 posts (including this one) and tell me the name of the song/artist or movie/actor(ress) that each quote is from. To make it easy I will link to all the posts at the bottom. For every quote you get right you will get an entry.

When can you enter: The giveaway begins today February 27th and ends March 31st.

What you will win: One hand-knit sweater vest in the color(s) (up to two colors) and size (children sizing only please) of your choice!

Here are the posts:





Five P.S.I’ve protected this one because I don’t want my almost in the buff baby all over the Internet (there are pervs you know), but you can still see the Title.





Happy guessing! and good luck!

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Jessica’s Crafty Corner February 7, 2009

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Wedding Wall Hanging

The Hunk and I’s good friend got married over the summer. It was a lovely wedding. Next week we are having them over for dinner, finally. It will be the first time we’ve seen them since the wedding. We don’t really know his girl very well, but Kirk is one of our best friends. He was actually best man at our wedding.

I wanted to do something really nice for them for a wedding gift. And once I saw their wedding invitation I knew I wanted to do something with that. It is absolutely the prettiest wedding invitation I’ve ever seen.

So, here’s what I came up with…….a wall hanging. (and I hope that he doesn’t read my blog!!! I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but I wanted to share!)

The Front

The Back

The note I put on the back

I think it turned out really well. As you can see I still have one side of the binding left to stitch, and to attach the hangy-do, but I couldn’t wait to show you all. And I know the green on the back totally doesn’t match the green in the binding I used. BUT the green on the back matches their original wedding invitation perfectly. I took that to the store when I bought that fabric. For some reason (because it’s a peice of something) when I scanned the invite into my computer to print it on the fabric, it turned the green darker. I still wanted to use the green in the thing, so I used it on the back. I was planning on doing a white binding. I changed my mind, however, because it was going to take the focus off their beautiful invitation. It was too late to change the back. So, oh well. It has character. At least that’s what I’ll continue to tell myself! And at least it’s the back!

The “Remain in me” is a verse from John 15, it was the verse of their wedding.

I sure hope they like it.

But if not, at least I had fun making it!

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You know you want to January 23, 2009

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The Cranky Quilt Row—Quilt-A-Long

Anyone want to join me?

I’m going to be quilting along with Whosies.

I have a ton of fabric scraps hanging around here so I’m going to use them up on this quilt!

We will be making a row a month, which isn’t too bad at all. She says she will have the new row up on the 3rd week of each month.

So click on over read the directions and get started!


BabyLegs November 6, 2008

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If you’re a mom with a baby you’ve probably heard of babylegs. If you haven’t then I don’t know where you’ve been living (under a rock? kidding!). They are all the rage in baby wear. As with most (dare I say all?) things that are extremely popular–they are expensive (according to me). I cannot bring myself to pay $10-20 for one pair of leg warmers for my sweet baby girls little legs.


(They are practical as well, here in this great state we call Michigan, especially under baby skirts. And they make diaper changes a breeze!)

So, I decided to knit some for my Red-Haired Girl.

Here are my first attempts:
Left Picture: The one on the left is my first attempt–WAY too big. The right fit but I didn’t like the style so much. Right Picture: My last attempt, aren’t those ruffles sweet? The problem I found was I didn’t use sock yarn so they weren’t stretchy and would fall off REALLY. EASY. I mean I’d put them on, blink, and she had already kicked them off–that fast.

Then I did a search on Google to see if I could find a pattern. I found something even better. Something even more wonderful.

My Red-Haired Girl has 5 pairs of babylegs all to the tune of $7.

HOW did I do this you wonder?

I found a wonderful blog–Everything Your Mama Made. She told me how to make these babylegs for CHEAP. AND they are just as cute. AND it only takes about 10 minutes tops, (if you know how to use and own a sewing machine).

If you’re like me and think they are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE and WAY BETTER THAN TIGHTS….but can’t stomach the price—here’s your alternative.