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When the growing gets tough March 5, 2010

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We are registering the Blue-Eyed boy for Kindergarten next week. There’s some sort of orientation thing we go to to learn all about everything to do with Kindergarten and then we can register him.

I’m having a hard time with it.

My baby, my blue-eyed, sweet little guy is growing up! and all I can do is stand here and watch. Every day I see less of the baby and more of the little boy emerging. I keep grasping at and pulling all the memories close and storing them safety inside my heart. I know I can’t remember everything, but I am desperate in my desire to not forget.

On the other hand…..

I’m exited for him. For this new journey he will be taking. For the next step. I can be confident that thus far I have done well in giving him the love and nurturing he needs to be able to take that big step into independence. But it comes at such a price– no more days with momma.

He of course has no idea what Kindergarten is. All he knows is it’s like school (what he knows of preschool) and he is excited for that. Thankfully, he LOVES school, quite passionately.

But momma’s heart is being ripped open once again with the letting go.


Keeping it all in perspective March 1, 2010

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Me: [Blue-Eyed Boy], I have no idea what you are talking about.

Blue-Eyed Boy: I have no idea what I’m talking about either, mom.


Blue-Eyed Boy: Mom, you’re getting bigger every day!

Me: No, I’m an adult, I stopped growing a while ago

Blue-Eyed Boy: No, you’re getting HUUUGE! (thanks for the vote of confidence, Buddy)


The Hunk and I were laying in bed, one morning, listening to the kids talk to each other in the other room (on the baby monitor)……

The Hunk: (to me) I hope they don’t make a mess

Blue-Eyed Boy: (to Red-Haired Girl) Hey [R.H. Girl] throw all your blankies out of your bed and make a HUGE mess!


Blue-Eyed Boy: Mom, I jumped really high and banged down on the ground and it shook the WHOLE WORLD!


Blue-Eyed Boy: God made the snow so that the world could be wonderful

I think that’s a good place to stop.


Happy 4th Birthday…. October 11, 2009

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to the Blue-Eyed Boy!DSCN0269

I can’t believe it’s been four years since I heard you cry for the first time. The Doctor said “It’s a boy!” and all I could think was “Timothy”.

It has been a joy watching you grow into a sweet and caring little boy. I can’t wait for the many more birthdays to come.

I love you so much, Babe.




Enter the Joke Master September 8, 2009

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Driving in the van…..

Blue-Eyed Boy  “Hey mom!!”

Me “Yes [Blue-Eyed Boy], what do you need?”

Blue-Eyed Boy “I need to talk to you!”

Me “About what?”

Blue-Eyed Boy “Let’s talk about a joke”

Me “Okay” (he knows a joke?)

Blue-Eyed Boy “Okay, there were three trees and they walked across a bridge”

(Still perplexed that he knows a joke)

“and they were walking and walking and walking”

“Then the baby was hungry, and it cried and cried and criiiied.”

(moment of silence)

“HAHAHAHA!! (extreme ammounts of squealing laughter) Wasn’t that funny, Mom? Wasn’t that FUNNY??”

(a little perplexed, but laughing none-the-less because he is laughing so hard, even the Red-Haired girl had released her beautiful baby belly laugh)

Me “Yes, [Blue-Eyed Boy], that was a GREAT joke”

and we chuckled the whole rest of the way home.

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Finding the fun in the storm August 29, 2009

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I love my Blue-Eyed Boy. He is the most wonderful, imaginative little boy on the planet (hey I may be a little partial….but then again–maybe not).

Yesterday was a rainy gloomy all around awful day (weather wise). But I didn’t let that stop us from running our errands. On the way home from the library it started pouring rain.

Now the Blue-Eyed Boy just loves the windshield wipers. I usually endure countless squeals of “clean it again mom!”, or “oh no, there’s rain, there’s rain get it OFF mom! Wipe it! Wipe it! Wipe it!”. And no matter how many times I tell him that it goes automatically by itself he still yells this at me while I’m driving. It’s fun (and cute) so I don’t mind.

Yesterday he surprised me when he yelled,

“MOOOOM, the rain—it’s DANCING on your window!!!” (my window being the windsheild)

This was followed by squeals of laughter and delight.

It was silent for a full 2 minutes and then (accompianied by more squeals and even a few hand claps)

“Mom, Mom, MOOOM the rain is DANCING on MY window!!!”.

I was awed by the wisdom and imagination of his description of the rain pellting the van windows even as I drove white-knuckled through the storm. It made the ride much more enjoyable. And I think I even loosened my grip on the steering wheel– just a bit.

He always finds good in everything.

My amazing little boy.

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Because they’re just so darn cute August 21, 2009

the cutest family on the block

I couldn’t resist!

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A “Stinky” Problem January 9, 2009

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Last night while we were eating dinner (completely out of the blue, I might add):

Blue-Eyed Boy: (very seriously) ” We have a stinky problem”

The Hunk and I look at each other, then look at him, both wondering if we heard him right and wondering what in the world he is talking about.

The Hunk and I together: “We have a stinky problem?”

Blue-Eyed Boy: (gravely) “Yep, we have a stinky problem”

me: (confused) “we have a stinky problem?”

Blue-Eyed Boy: ” POOP!!!”

The Hunk and I lost it at this point.

Blue-Eyed Boy: “STIIIINKYYYYYY!!! That’s what Buzz says”

The Hunk: “You mean sLLLinky bottom??”

Blue-Eyed Boy: “Yep, we have a sLinky bottom, he fall down”

(if you haven’t seen Toy Story II–or I for that matter–you need to)

I don’t make this stuff up, I promise.