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Because they’re just so darn cute August 21, 2009

the cutest family on the block

I couldn’t resist!

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Monkey Business July 22, 2009

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I’m wore out.

The Red-Haired Girl is a climber. And a good one, to boot. Because of this she climbs on. every. thing. she. can.

It’s driving me bonkers.

The Blue-Eyed Boy has never been a climber. In fact it usually takes about 20 minutes of begging, barganing and pleading just to get him to climb up a kiddie slide at the playground. So, this is my first foray into the world of  climbing 14 month olds.

She is fearless, which terrifies me. She hasn’t gotten that little instict that says maybe I shouldn’t do this, just yet. And therefore has no qualms about climbing up on the dining room table, or climbing up on a stool to open the door to the top of the stairs. Where as all I see is my baby girls head split open on the floor, or a broken arm or leg.

She’s fast. I mean blink your eye and she’s gone fast. This morning I turned to hand the Blue-Eyed Boy his cup and when I turned around she was already up on a dining room chair and halfway onto the table (can we say heart-stopping?).

She’s smart too. Too smart. I’ve tried pushing the dining room chairs as far in as they can go, but she just moves them. I try distracting her with toys or games or whatever I can, but she knows her brothers treasures are up on that table (Ironically, so she can’t get to them, ha! Guess it’s time to rethink that strategy).  

I’m at my wits end. I’m not sure how to combat this monkey business. I’ve tried telling her not to, yelling, redirecting, making a big deal about it when she does listen, but nothing works really well. I mean, they all work sort of, but never with any lasting results.

She’ll grow out of it right? Just like any other thing babies and toddlers do she’ll move on to something else (I’m not sure I want to know what her something next is going to be though!) right?

Please someone tell me it’s so! Or tell me that it will tone down here soon. Or please, please just lie to me because I’m about to go insane.

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Because my fingers just won’t stay still… May 8, 2009

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Whilst (Isn’t that a fun word! I’m feeling all whimsical) wandering through the fabric store I found this beautiful lavender-colored yarn. I just wanted longed desperately needed had to buy it ( I am a yarnaholic you know), after all it was on sale (oh the things we tell ourselves to enable our addictions!). It’s also SUPER DUPER soft, and made of bamboo (Yay! Go environment, go!).

That was two months ago.

This beautiful yarn has sat in my yarn tub (oh yes, a tub, I do have that much–you can ask my Hunk how much the yarn craze drives him bonkers, he won’t hold back. He loves me that much) waiting for me to decide what to use it for.

Well, I’ve finally found the perfect project. I’m not going to tell you what it is. However, you can guess as I go along and then see how cute it is at the end (sneaky, but fun– I hope!)

You’re one hint (besides the picture, duh): It’s for my beautiful little Red-Haired Girl who looks amazing in lavender!

Week One

Week One

P.S. I couldn’t get my camera to get the color right. I don’t know what it’s problem was (darn electronics!), I was using natural lighting and everything! Trust me it’s a beautiful, no-mistaking-it lavender. Not blue.

and P.P.S. I know I said this is week one but I actually just started it yesterday, but whatever. I’ll have a whole lot more to show next week!

Stay tuned next week for a little bit more!

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Protected: What the world needs now February 14, 2009

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My Girl–The Bully January 8, 2009

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It happened so fast. There we were playing on the floor, Little Dizzy, The Red-Haired Girl, The Blue-Eyed Boy and I and having a grand old time. When she crawled over and swipe.

The Victim

The Victim

Good time gone. Well, for Little Dizzy that is (sorry Nan!). He’s a tough little guy though, he cried for about two seconds and has been fine ever since. It was more traumatic for his poor Auntie, I think.

I’m not sure how I feel about having a bully in the family.

The Bully

The Bully

I guess she learned from her brother.


I think it’s time for a change December 31, 2008

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Preface: I’m one of those Momma’s who do not rock their baby until they are completely asleep and then lay them down. I’ve been very deliberate ever since The Red-Haired Girl was born to put her down when she was semi awake. This has made it possible for me to nurse her and put her directly in her bed whether she is asleep or not and know she will go to sleep on her own. (I must also add that I do not let her “cry it out” either. Fussing is okay, but if she starts crying, I will go in to get her and we try again. I could never stomach letting my baby cry for hours on end just to get them to sleep.)

So today I did what I always do. I nursed her then laid her down in her bassinet and left the room. I was holding Little Dizzy and talking with The Blue-Eyed Boy when I heard this strange sort of noise. It sounded like something was in my pots and pans cupboard. My immediate thought was “Oh no! The mouse is in my cupboard!” (we still haven’t caught the last one, sneaky little devil!).

Then I heard a baby giggle.

So, with Little Dizzy in tow I tip-toed into the bedroom and this is what I found………

The pots and pan sound must have been the piggy bank.

She has never gotten to a sitting position on her own, until today! She started really crawling on Sunday. Oh boy am I in trouble. But I LOOOOOVE it! There is nothing cuter than that little baby butt sticking out as she crawls. This is our first crawling baby, so it’s all new (The Blue-Eyed Boy never crawled, he skipped right from rolling to walking)!

I think she needs to move to the crib. The only problem–there is no room anywhere in this teeny tiny house for a full-size crib. Our lease is up in February, but The Hunk doesn’t want to move in winter again. I don’t really want to either, but I do want to leave this house (REALLY BADLY to tell the truth–I don’t like it here at all. This house was great when there were only three of us, but it’s waaaay too small for four.).

I want my baby to be safe, even if that means moving in winter again (at least this time I won’t be pregnant and will be able to help!!)

Dilemma. Dilemma.

In the meantime I cleaned off the dresser so she can’t get into any of it, and put the locking clips in place so the bassinet can’t rock anymore.

Hopefully that will be enough…..until we figure something else out.


Christmas Cards December 15, 2008

So remember how I took all that time to take pictures of my kids for our Christmas cards?

Well, in a sad turn of events we decided that we didn’t have enough extra money to purchase and send Christmas cards. I was bummed to say the least. All that work! gone to waste. bah humbug.

Then in a wonderful turn of events we received some extra money (can we say bonus check?) that we weren’t expecting. So, I went on and made a Christmas card (praise the Lord for one hour printing!!).

So here are my beautiful children as they will appear on our Christmas cards. (I’m mailing them tomorrow so my dear family and friends who read…you’ll be getting them soon!). The cards turned out really lovely, except for one thing. The Red-Haired Girl’s picture is a little on the dark side. It doesn’t look dark on our computer, nor did it look dark on the website, but when printed–it’s a little dark (sorry sounding redundant now). I lightened it up to show you here. It doens’t look bad on the card, just a little bit darker than the Blue-Eyed Boy’s picture.

(I would just scan the card, but I’m not sure how the copyright stuff works, and since they almost wouldn’t give the cards to us, I think I’ll just show you the pictures).

I think he’s going to be just as much of a hunk as his daddy, don’t you?

And here’s our beautiful sunny girl:

and to see the card layout I picked, go here.