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Oh how those pesky little self-destructive tendencies annoy me February 24, 2010

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You know how they (experts, and really smart people) tell you that in order to attain your goals you need to keep yourself accountable?

yeah, weeeeell…..take a look over there ———————————————>

I should have listened.

So, in order to humiliate be honest with myself (and you, dear readers!),  here’s my top five things you shouldn’t do if you’re trying to lose weight:

1. skip the gym

2. eat sweet confections of badness.

3. eat out a bunch

4.  eat because your bored

5. eat because your feeling depressed because you haven’t lost any weight in two weeks (this did help my plight, however, just not in the right direction!!!)

So now that I’ve embarrassed motivated myself, next week should be a piece of cake (I mean…umm…fruit!)

Until then–here’s to getting back on the band wagon.


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