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Weigh-In week two February 4, 2010

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Seriously. majorly. unequivocally awful.


Now, granted it was probably (okay! okay!) totally my own fault because I succumbed to the temptation of chocolate cake, brownies and chocolate chip cookies this weekend.

But I killed myself the rest of the week (It’s too bad there’s that whole calories in–calories out clause in the fine print)!

So obviously my percentage for this week is ZERO (I suck. You can say it with me: Jess–you suck).

Want to know what is so stinkin’ hilarious that I almost pee in my pants every time I think about it?

This morning I skipped the gym (depression hurts) and I decided to hop on the scale to make sure yesterday wasn’t a fluke and I hadn’t gained 10 pounds overnight (from all that delicious wonderful seductive awful chocolate cake) and I LOST 2 POUNDS.


I mean, seriously?

As the Hunk reminded me: next weeks weigh in will be awesome because I have a super head start.

The leader board has yet to be posted but hopefully I’m not in last place (is it awful of me to wish the others had actually gained weight? Yes, probably but we’ve already established that I suck, so whatever).

If I have time I’ll come back later to update ya’ll on where I stand on the leader board.

Hopefully next week I’ll have better news.

Until then,

If you’re just joining us: click here and here.


4 Responses to “Weigh-In week two”

  1. kgjames Says:

    Neither did I . . . for similar reasons/problems!
    😉 Kimberly

  2. Kristina Says:

    My birthday was over the weekend. The cake was *cough cough* yummy. Husband said it was the best cake I ever made. Oops. Well, it’s a new week, isn’t it?

  3. Lu Barnes Says:

    I love you girl! I haven’t been reading your blog for awhile and just came to check up on you. How fun! Last week I decided it was time for me too. I am a gym girl. I love to work out in the gym. I’m inspired by the gym. I too, have the most cellulite in my legs (wait, you didn’t list that, that’s my own ewwww moment). I spent last summer on my back with two torn, bulging disks and gained 30 pounds BAM. Then Terry lost his job in August so we had to let our gym membership lapse. SO depressing. Two weeks ago I was given the ok from the spine dr. to begin more strenuous exercise. oy. I lost everything I’ve worked so hard for over the last two years. I worked w/ a trainer at the gym and you are 100% on track. Very impressive. Mix things up after about a month or so. Your body will begin to adjust to the exercises and won’t shed as much fat. As far as your eating, it’s important to keep your sugar levels balanced. Eat 3 small meals a day w/ 2 snacks (one a midmorning and one in the afternoon) and KUDOS for not eating after supper. You are doing EVERYTHING right!! Make sure you eat protein at all 3 meals. Your body needs protein to lose. And drink water. You are well on your way to losing it and keeping it off. I’m beginning my journey with you and am deeply impressed with your routine! You GO girl!

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