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Monkey Business July 22, 2009

Filed under: Parenting,Red-Haired Girl — Jess @ 10:01 am

I’m wore out.

The Red-Haired Girl is a climber. And a good one, to boot. Because of this she climbs on. every. thing. she. can.

It’s driving me bonkers.

The Blue-Eyed Boy has never been a climber. In fact it usually takes about 20 minutes of begging, barganing and pleading just to get him to climb up a kiddie slide at the playground. So, this is my first foray into the world of  climbing 14 month olds.

She is fearless, which terrifies me. She hasn’t gotten that little instict that says maybe I shouldn’t do this, just yet. And therefore has no qualms about climbing up on the dining room table, or climbing up on a stool to open the door to the top of the stairs. Where as all I see is my baby girls head split open on the floor, or a broken arm or leg.

She’s fast. I mean blink your eye and she’s gone fast. This morning I turned to hand the Blue-Eyed Boy his cup and when I turned around she was already up on a dining room chair and halfway onto the table (can we say heart-stopping?).

She’s smart too. Too smart. I’ve tried pushing the dining room chairs as far in as they can go, but she just moves them. I try distracting her with toys or games or whatever I can, but she knows her brothers treasures are up on that table (Ironically, so she can’t get to them, ha! Guess it’s time to rethink that strategy).  

I’m at my wits end. I’m not sure how to combat this monkey business. I’ve tried telling her not to, yelling, redirecting, making a big deal about it when she does listen, but nothing works really well. I mean, they all work sort of, but never with any lasting results.

She’ll grow out of it right? Just like any other thing babies and toddlers do she’ll move on to something else (I’m not sure I want to know what her something next is going to be though!) right?

Please someone tell me it’s so! Or tell me that it will tone down here soon. Or please, please just lie to me because I’m about to go insane.

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3 Responses to “Monkey Business”

  1. Aunt Teri Says:

    Jessica – She sounds a lot like Lyndsay. Melanie would catch her on top of the dining room table all of the time – I think she was swinging from the light fixture above it once! Then there was the time Lyndsay locked Grandma and Jackie out of the house and wouldn’t let them back in – when Aunt Melanie got home from work they were sitting outside on the proch and Lyndsay was asleep naked under the kitchen table. We laugh about it now! Your Uncle Mark was a climber too. Ask Grandma for stories about him – there are many! I know it is hard to do sometimes but believe me as a Mom whose kids are in their early 30s – try to cherish these days because they go by way too fast and I wish everyday that I had them back. Love you – Aunt Teri

  2. bored Says:

    I don’t know what to tell you other than…I COMPLETELY understand! Trenton was walking at 8 months old and quickly turned into a climber soon after. There’s nothing to do about it except baby proof everything…..especially the coffee table. I learned that one the hard way! we have had no broken bones or stitches yet, so thats a good thing. Its good to let kids explore, its how they learn. but maybe in the mean time set up a play yard gate in the house. I had one of those for trenton and it gave him LOTS of room to play while keeping him within set boundaries. It gave me time to get things done without having to worry constantly about where he was or what he was into.
    good luck though!

  3. janell Says:

    oops..that last comment was from me. I did’nt change the name from the last blog i commented on

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