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Notice: Banana Peel found. January 21, 2010

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Hi. Remember me?

I can’t believe the last time I posted anything was October 24 of 2009.

I’m not going to give you excuses. I’m just going to start over.

I’ve sure missed this outlet.

Anyone still there?


You are a TOY!! T-O-Y TOY!! February 24, 2009

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Our camera died last week. It said there was no memory space even though there were no pictures on it. So, I guess in reality the memory card died. But the memory card for our camera is about as expensive as a new camera. And we needed a new one because this one was crapping out all the time and super slow. I was always missing great shots!

So, I got a new toy. A Nikon toy. With a touch screen. And a smile detector.

And it’s maroon and pink.

Life is good.

Doesn't it take WONDERFUL pictures?

Doesn't it take WONDERFUL pictures?

my siggy


It’s been 7 years…. September 12, 2008

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since that horrible day when so many lost their lives. I had just gotten out of one of my music classes when we heard the news. It was so surreal to watch the towers crumbling to the ground on the T.V. It felt like we were watching a movie, that it wasn’t really happening. If only that were true.

Today I said a prayer for all the families who lost their loved ones.

I kissed and hugged my kids a few extra times, and thanked the Lord for my husband.

Lets fill our lives with love and laughter.
Lets lead lives of peace and hope.
May we never forget.


Update September 8, 2008

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Went to the doc (different one!) yesterday. I have shin splints. They prescribed me an NSAID (non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug), which is much kinder to my poor little Red-Haired Girls belly. It’s nice too because I only have to take it twice a day rather than every six hours or whatever. They suggested I wrap my arches to help support them and to get new running shoes (the cause of my shin splints!).

Today my swelling is down some–thanks to the NSAID, and I am having much less pain–thanks to the wrapped arches. YAY! I’m not allowed to exercise at all for the next two weeks (at least). Then I am to start slooooowly with some walking which I can work up to running as it feels right. I’m definetely going to go slower this time.

Now I just have to find the money to buy some new running shoes! =) Donations welcome! **wink**


So I fell off the face of the earth….. September 6, 2008

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Because I hurt myself. Badly. Did something to both my legs while running last week Wednesday. Right below my knees, like where the leg connects to the knee on the inside part of the leg. Went to the med-center on Wednesday this week because the pain is so intense I can hardly walk. Doc said nothing was wrong with me, but he did x-rays anyways. Nothing. All going to the doc accomplished was giving both the kids a cold. So, here I am popping pain pills like they’re going out of style, which upsets Red-Haired Girl’s tummy, so then I have a cranky baby with a cold. Oh yes life is fun right now. Oh and my legs keep swelling more, and hurting more no matter how much Motrin600 or Tylenol with codeine I take. Did I mention that it hurts…a lot?

Monday I’m going to find a real doc and get this figured out. I can’t keep going on like this.

A good thing that happened….The Handsome Hunk got promoted! YAY! Maybe now we can get our phone turned back on. Bah!

Oh and needless to say the C25K is on hold, as is the Push-up Challenge.


Keywords August 22, 2008

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I have been getting some interesting searches these days so I thought I would share!

1. Don’t let people know you’re married. I have no idea why I would come up in a search for this. But if your married, I don’t think it should be a secret!

2. How to microwave a banana peel. I got quite a few searches for this. I don’t know why you would want to microwave a banana peel. But I was curious so I did my own search. Well, let me tell you folks the words psychedelic high, and how to smoke with a banana peel were what I found mostly. I am not happy that my blog is coming up for this sort of thing. After looking into it further I discovered that getting high off banana peel is a myth. Something useful I did find was that microwaving a plantain banana is quite delicious. Pierce the skin, cut off the ends and microwave one plantain banana for 4-5 minutes. I also found that saba bananas are delicious grilled. Maybe I’ll try this sometime. The other (useful) thing I found was that a banana peel can remove scratches from your CD’s and DVD’s. Just rub the inside of a banana peel from center to outside in a straight fashion (non-circular) motion for five minutes. Clean with soap and water and walaa! If someone tries this before me let me know if it actually works. When I find a scratched CD I’ll try it.

3. I got a good chuckle. Well, I did too! Thanks.

4. Jessica Peel Married. I have no comment.

5. Fun things to do with a banana peel. Apart from trying to surf across your kitchen floor on one, I’m at a loss.

These next few make me sad….

6. How to forget your love when married.
7. How to forget a married man.
8. How to tell him you’re married.

To these people I have to say. I’m sorry for you. I hope you can get out of the situation you are in and reconcile your marriages.

9. What is banana peeling? Well, it is the act of removing the skin from a banana. Hope that helps you out!

And my all time favorite search is………(drum roll please)

10. Can’t a banana be…..just a banana? Dear sir or madam I hope you found the answer to your query. I’d say yes…a banana can be just a banana, if you let it.


Ladies and Gentlemen….. April 28, 2008

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I’m going to be an aunt…..

My Sister-in-Law and Brother-in-Law had an ultrasound and unlike their crazy relatives (eh hem…us) they decided to find out what the gender of their little baby is.

So, the verdict is in and

It’s a boy!

Congrats Nan and Jack!