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Did You? November 4, 2008

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The First Presidential Debate of 2008 September 27, 2008

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I do not want to go into politics because well I just don’t want to go there on my blog for the entire Internet to comment on what I think.

That said, I just had to comment on the one thing that really irked me throughout the entire debate.

I found myself thinking the whole time that I wanted to reach in the T.V. grab his shoulders, shake John McCain and tell him to show a little respect and LOOK at Barrak Obama when he (Obama) is speaking to him!! He wouldn’t even look at Obama when he was responding to him, nor refer to him as anyone but “Senator Obama”. Whereas Barrak Obama would look at John McCain while he was speaking, would speak directly too him and called him simply “John”. It really bugged me. I mean I don’t care if you don’t like him or don’t agree with him–that’s to be expected to some extent, but to not look at the man once while he is speaking directly to you seems rude to me. Call me Mrs. Manners or whatever you want but to me that was simply unacceptable behavior for the possible next President.

Anyways…that’s as political as I’m going to get.

Did anyone else watch the debate and notice this? Did it bug you?