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Gus-Gus January 5, 2009

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Remember how I told you all about The Little Chef?

Well, we still have one (oh dear LORD I hope it’s only one!) left. This one it pretty tricky, it has eaten the peanut butter off the trap every time and not gotten caught. I’m about ready to super glue a peanut to the trap and see if that works.

We’ve begun calling this one Gus-Gus–like in Cinderella.

Here’s why:

The Hunk has a flannel shirt, that happens to be one of his favorite shirts. It’s really ugly, but he still looks good in it (he is a Hunk after-all), I don’t think he wears it for the looks though (he is a man after-all)! Anyways…he left this most treasured flannel shirt on the floor in the dining room (yep he missed the laundry basket by a long shot). Well the next morning he picked it up and put it on (don’t ask) and all but two of the buttons were gone.

So we call him Gus-Gus (assuming it’s a him).

There are five buttons missing, I’ve found three of them on the floor. I just hope the baby doesn’t find the other two.

I washed the shirt, but after inspecting it more closely, the darn mouse chewed through the shirt to get three of the buttons off. So, I think I’m going to cut it up for rags (The Hunk will probably come pretty close to a heart attack when he hears I’m going to take scissors to his favorite shirt!) and save the remaining buttons for other things.

Maybe now he will put his clothes in the laundry basket? A wife can hope….


Our real life Ratatouille November 25, 2008

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Have you all seen the movie Ratatouille?

It’s a good movie, a great movie. I really enjoyed it–good lesson/message, and very entertaining. The Blue-Eyed Boy loves it to.
A week and a half or so ago, while The Hunk and I were watching Life on Mars (good show, anyone else watch it?) when suddenly something small, furry, and brown came running into our living room.
Yep, I was completely freaked out. We spent the next 15 minutes chasing the thing around the house trying to either catch it or chase it out the door. No luck. It got away to who knows where.
The next day I went and got some mousetraps. And that night we put peanut butter on them. I barely slept the whole night because I did NOT want to hear the mouse get caught.

Lucky for me, I didn’t hear anything. Because the darn thing ate the peanut butter without setting off the trap!

We did catch two the next night, however. And oh yes I heard it–lovely.

We continued to place the traps out every night. And every morning we would find empty traps with no peanut butter left. It was getting ridiculous.

And if we thought it couldn’t get even more bizarre. The Hunk found a mouse on the counter top one morning, desperately trying to get my measuring spoons. We called him little chef from then on. For about 2 or 3 nights we would hear the chinking of him (or her?) trying to get the measuring spoons during the night.

Mouse count so far: 4 (including the little chef)

This morning the traps were empty but the peanut butter was still there.

Hopefully we caught them all. They were living in the attic and at night when it was quiet you could hear them scratching around up there. C.R.E.E.P.Y.


Salsa August 15, 2008

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Here’s what I did today………..

Here’s my little “helper”(yes that’s my apron he’s wearing)…………

What have you done today?

The Right To Dry (My 100th Post!!!!) July 26, 2008

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Last night I was watching ABC’s World News with Charles Gibson. I was astonished by one of the stories. Apparently there are some Homeowner Associations who have banned their homeowners from using clotheslines because it is unsightly to them. And three states have already had to enact “Right to Dry” laws….there are seven other states considering it. Umm…excuse me? Since when does anyone have the right to tell someone else what they can do in their own back yard?? I thought this was America, land of the free.

According to the article the average American family spends at least $100 a year for dryer costs. And monthly your dryer is about 1/4 of your energy bill. That’s a lot of energy, folks.

I hang most of our laundry outside (or try to). I think clothes blowing in the breeze on a bright sunny day is lovely. I don’t know what the big deal is. There are so many positives to hanging your laundry out that their reasons seem pretty darn petty.

I love our air-dried, sun-dried clothes. Nothing smells better than clothes dried outside. They just seem fresher and cleaner than any drier could ever get them.

And I won’t even start on how drying your clothes outside will not only save you money, but save our environment.

Go read the article here. And then let me know your thoughts on the issue.

Are clotheslines unsightly?

Do clotheslines bring down the market value of homes?

Should clotheslines be banned?

(P.S. That is my laundry hanging out to dry this morning. I would also like to note that we do not hang our underwear out to dry. I will either run those through the dryer or hang them on our inside line. That’s one thing nobody needs to see.)


I’m. An. Idiot. July 21, 2008

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For the past couple of weeks I have been getting extremely dissatisfied with our can-opener. It hasn’t been working very good. It’s really hard to turn the handle, and I couldn’t figure out why. I was about ready to throw the thing in the garbage (after opening a bunch of cans and my arm hurting), but I decided to put it back in the drawer. It does still work after all.

The next day I found it in the stack of dirty dishes I was washing.

I was really annoyed. I love my husband, but he never puts things away in the right place. (especially in my kitchen). So, with my hands all sudsy and wet I contemplated whether I should whack him over the head with it or just put it away. As luck would have it (lucky for the Handsome Hunk because whacking him over the head was winning–I was grumpy that day) it slipped out of my soapy hands into the sink.

Why didn’t it occur to me before to wash the can-opener? I don’t know. Why don’t I wash it regularly like I do every other appliance in the kitchen? I don’t know.

The fact of the matter is I washed it (by accident). And guess what?

It works like new. Go figure.


Once Again On Life Without A Dishwasher…. May 2, 2008

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I thought I would revisit this topic after having lived without a dishwasher for 3 (I think it’s been that long??) months now. I do miss having a dishwasher sometimes, especially when I have a super busy day or am just feeling tired and the last thing I want to do is wash dishes. But mostly I enjoy my little routine I have developed. Throughout this journey I feel I have learned a lot so I will pass on my wisdom to those of you who may want or need it. If you missed posts one and two on the Great Dishwasher Fast of 2008, please go here, and here to read them.

So, here is what I have learned to help washing dishes go smoothly and quickly.

1. Wash the dishes more than once a day. I wash our dishes after breakfast, lunch and dinner. This makes it go quicker because I have less to wash at once. It gets tiring to stand at the sink for an hour washing every dish and pot and pan from the day. I find the dishes wash more easily as well because they haven’t been sitting out all day. I will also wash the dishes an extra time if I make cookies or something like that. This also allows me to leave the dishes in the dish rack to air dry rather than having to towel dry. If I only wash once a day there are too many dishes to wash at a time to allow this. So, by doing smaller loads I just leave the breakfast dishes to dry in the rack and after lunch I put them away before I wash the lunch dishes.

2. If you can’t get to the dishes right away, rinse, rinse, rinse!! Especially anything that had milk in it, that is really hard to get off once it’s dried on.

3. Sort the dishes by type before you wash. So, pile all the plates together, and bowls together etc. I’ve found it is easier to wash one type of dish at a time, and they fit better in the drying rack. It’s also easier to put them away when they’re dry.

4. Order of wash is important. This is the order I’ve found that works best: glasses, bowls, plates, silverware, serving bowls, pots and pans. Basically wash the less dirty to the most dirty then you don’t have to change the water multiple times.

5. Rinse with as hot of water as you can, it helps the dishes to dry really fast so you don’t have to dry them by hand! A spray nozzles helps with this. I can put the water as hot as it will go and spray everything without burning my hands.

6. A baby bottle cleaning wand works great for cleaning out cups, especially if you get the one with a sponge on the end (I love the Munchkin brand from Target). They are also cheaper than the fancy cup cleaning ones you will find in the cleaning aisle at your local grocery store.

7. Change your washcloths and kitchen towels daily so you don’t get germs growing in them.

8. This one is the most important to me because I get eczema on my hands–Keep a bottle of good lotion by the sink so you can put some on after washing to keep your hands from drying out!

So, there you go folks. This is what I have learned to help me wash dishes efficiently and without too much hassle! And if anyone has any other helpful tips leave them in the comments!


The Great Dishwasher Fast of 2008 February 28, 2008

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went remarkably well. I had no problem keeping up with the dishes. I tended to do them twice a day and that seemed to work well.

Now that we are in our new house I have been doing the dishes once a day. It hasn’t been to bad. Actually it’s been really nice because The Handsome Hunk will dry the dishes while I wash. It is a nice time for us to just stand and talk about our day and have a little wind-down after we put Blue-Eyed Boy to bed.

I have discovered that I do still love washing dishes. I know I’m crazy. But I find it really enjoyable to have my hands in warm soapy water washing dishes. So, I guess if anyone had to go from dishwasher life, to non-dishwasher life I was the best candidate!

I’m sure I’ll let you all know if this changes!