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Gus-Gus January 5, 2009

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Remember how I told you all about The Little Chef?

Well, we still have one (oh dear LORD I hope it’s only one!) left. This one it pretty tricky, it has eaten the peanut butter off the trap every time and not gotten caught. I’m about ready to super glue a peanut to the trap and see if that works.

We’ve begun calling this one Gus-Gus–like in Cinderella.

Here’s why:

The Hunk has a flannel shirt, that happens to be one of his favorite shirts. It’s really ugly, but he still looks good in it (he is a Hunk after-all), I don’t think he wears it for the looks though (he is a man after-all)! Anyways…he left this most treasured flannel shirt on the floor in the dining room (yep he missed the laundry basket by a long shot). Well the next morning he picked it up and put it on (don’t ask) and all but two of the buttons were gone.

So we call him Gus-Gus (assuming it’s a him).

There are five buttons missing, I’ve found three of them on the floor. I just hope the baby doesn’t find the other two.

I washed the shirt, but after inspecting it more closely, the darn mouse chewed through the shirt to get three of the buttons off. So, I think I’m going to cut it up for rags (The Hunk will probably come pretty close to a heart attack when he hears I’m going to take scissors to his favorite shirt!) and save the remaining buttons for other things.

Maybe now he will put his clothes in the laundry basket? A wife can hope….


2 Responses to “Gus-Gus”

  1. Christopher Says:

    (Heart Sinks)


    I mean, Mice.

  2. utahdesertrunner Says:


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