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Update September 8, 2008

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Went to the doc (different one!) yesterday. I have shin splints. They prescribed me an NSAID (non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug), which is much kinder to my poor little Red-Haired Girls belly. It’s nice too because I only have to take it twice a day rather than every six hours or whatever. They suggested I wrap my arches to help support them and to get new running shoes (the cause of my shin splints!).

Today my swelling is down some–thanks to the NSAID, and I am having much less pain–thanks to the wrapped arches. YAY! I’m not allowed to exercise at all for the next two weeks (at least). Then I am to start slooooowly with some walking which I can work up to running as it feels right. I’m definetely going to go slower this time.

Now I just have to find the money to buy some new running shoes! =) Donations welcome! **wink**


So I fell off the face of the earth….. September 6, 2008

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Because I hurt myself. Badly. Did something to both my legs while running last week Wednesday. Right below my knees, like where the leg connects to the knee on the inside part of the leg. Went to the med-center on Wednesday this week because the pain is so intense I can hardly walk. Doc said nothing was wrong with me, but he did x-rays anyways. Nothing. All going to the doc accomplished was giving both the kids a cold. So, here I am popping pain pills like they’re going out of style, which upsets Red-Haired Girl’s tummy, so then I have a cranky baby with a cold. Oh yes life is fun right now. Oh and my legs keep swelling more, and hurting more no matter how much Motrin600 or Tylenol with codeine I take. Did I mention that it hurts…a lot?

Monday I’m going to find a real doc and get this figured out. I can’t keep going on like this.

A good thing that happened….The Handsome Hunk got promoted! YAY! Maybe now we can get our phone turned back on. Bah!

Oh and needless to say the C25K is on hold, as is the Push-up Challenge.


The 100 Push-up Challenge Week 2 August 25, 2008

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I have some sad news. The Handsome Hunk he, well, he gave up- plain and simple folks. But don’t lose hope–I’m still in it, still trucking along.

I finished week 2 of the One Hundred Push-up Challenge. Oh how good it feels to notice myself getting stronger! Week 2 wasn’t too much harder than week 1, it was do-able. So today it was time for another “exhaustion test” (basically do as many push-ups as you can until your arms refuse to work and you are stuck face down on the floor like a beached whale or something—oh yes, it’s a blast). I am happy to report that I can do 27 push-ups. Maybe I should write that again a little bigger this time


That’s 20 more than I could do two weeks ago. Crazy. Fantastic. Wonderful. I am super proud of myself.

Because I could do so many I am now in the highest bracket for next week. I think it’s going to kick my butt. But it’ll be fun. I’m enjoying learning how far I can push my body.

Head on over to Kat’s Blog to read about her journey through the push-up challenge, and see some other people who are doing it!


The 100 Push-up Challenge Week 1 August 18, 2008

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Tomorrow we start week two of the 100 push-up challenge. Week one was not as hard as I thought it would be. Last night I did my third workout and during the 5th rep I did 20 push-ups (go me!). I am still doing my “girly” push-ups. The handsome hunk did 22 push-ups during the 5th rep. He does the regular ones, but he doesn’t touch his nose to the floor…I don’t think he’s there yet.

After next week we do another “test”, to see how many we can do. I will let you know next Sunday how we did!

Head on over to Kat’s Blog to see others who are doing this challenge.

Here’s my shout out to those who I know are doing this:


The 100 Push-up Challenge post 1


The 100 Push-Up Challenge August 11, 2008

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Handsome Hunk and I are embarking on a 100 Push-Up Challenge thanks to The Secret Life of Kat. I saw this on her blog and thought it would be a fun thing for the Hunk and I to do together. So, you my faithful Internet readers, get to hear all about it (aren’t you thrilled!?!).

If you would like to see the other (crazy) people who are doing this challenge you can go here.

Initial Test

Last night we did the initial test. I (being the wimp that I am) cannot do a “real” push-up, so I adopted the hand’s and knees (i.e. “girly”) push-up position. Handsome Hunk could do the “real” ones (after-all he is a hunk!).

Our Stats:

Me: 7
HH: 8

Tonight we begin the actual training. I’ll give you an update next Monday to let you all know how it’s going.

If anyone would like to join us I’d be happy to link to your blog (or give you an honorable mention if you don’t have a blog). Happy push-ups!