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Money must be funny in a rich man’s world February 12, 2009

Filed under: God is Amazing — Jess @ 2:37 pm

I do our taxes. We don’t hire and accountant or go to H &R Block or anything. Just me, my calculator,  and my pencil. I fill them out. The funny thing is that I usually spend a few hours doing this. Then I go online and fill out the free e-file form, which does everything for you. I don’t know why I do it all myself first. I’m just anal like that, I guess. Maybe next year I’ll walk on the wild side and just fill out the form online and not do all the extra work!

We’re getting our return fast this year. I filed on January 29th. We got our Michigan State Refund already on the 9th. I didn’t realize we’d gotten it until today though. oops. And according to we are getting the Federal return tomorrow. AWESOME!

I am always amazed by how much money the government gives you for having a baby. Our sweet little Red-Haired Girl is getting us a big old return from both State and Federal which we will be using for moving expenses and a few necessities (like cloth diapers, my girl is growing out of her smalls!). Whatever is left over after we move will pay off some debts.

I love tax time!

If you can free file, I highly recommend it! You will get your return fast, especially if you direct deposit.


6 Responses to “Money must be funny in a rich man’s world”

  1. janell Says:

    Thats awesome! we do our own taxes as well. Barak has started on them but we haven’t finished. i can’t wait to get our tax returns back too!

    oh yeah, when you are buying new diapers, you should try out bum Genius and baby kangas. we use those for Trenton 90% of the time and they are awesome! they are one-sized so its the only diaper you will need to buy. no more sizing up. we use BG 3.0s and the BG AIOs for nap time and night time. I use the Baby Kangas for day time. just a thought 🙂

    • Jessica Lynn Says:

      Thanks Janel! I’d never heard of the baby kangas. I did buy a BG OS. I like it, but I have read a lot of bad reviews on them not holding out for very long. So, I don’t know if I want to spend all the money. I did buy an AIO from a WAHM it is fantastic. I love it. It’s not one size, but it’s definitely much better made than the bg’s. So, I’m thinking of buying more from her. =)

  2. janell Says:

    what AIO is it, what WAHM? now i’m curious!! i’ve had my BGs for about a year and have not had a problem. but i have a fairly large rotation of them so i guess maybe they don’t get used as much. i am thinking of having a WAHM convert them to snap closures for me though. i like a snap diaper much better than aplix!

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