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Jessica’s Crafty Corner February 7, 2009

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Wedding Wall Hanging

The Hunk and I’s good friend got married over the summer. It was a lovely wedding. Next week we are having them over for dinner, finally. It will be the first time we’ve seen them since the wedding. We don’t really know his girl very well, but Kirk is one of our best friends. He was actually best man at our wedding.

I wanted to do something really nice for them for a wedding gift. And once I saw their wedding invitation I knew I wanted to do something with that. It is absolutely the prettiest wedding invitation I’ve ever seen.

So, here’s what I came up with…….a wall hanging. (and I hope that he doesn’t read my blog!!! I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but I wanted to share!)

The Front

The Back

The note I put on the back

I think it turned out really well. As you can see I still have one side of the binding left to stitch, and to attach the hangy-do, but I couldn’t wait to show you all. And I know the green on the back totally doesn’t match the green in the binding I used. BUT the green on the back matches their original wedding invitation perfectly. I took that to the store when I bought that fabric. For some reason (because it’s a peice of something) when I scanned the invite into my computer to print it on the fabric, it turned the green darker. I still wanted to use the green in the thing, so I used it on the back. I was planning on doing a white binding. I changed my mind, however, because it was going to take the focus off their beautiful invitation. It was too late to change the back. So, oh well. It has character. At least that’s what I’ll continue to tell myself! And at least it’s the back!

The “Remain in me” is a verse from John 15, it was the verse of their wedding.

I sure hope they like it.

But if not, at least I had fun making it!

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One Response to “Jessica’s Crafty Corner”

  1. Crystal Says:

    That is just beautiful Jessica!!! You are very talented. I tagged you over on my blog. Please come by and check it out. I am excited to read your 25 things : )

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