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I’m never going to survive unless I get a little crazy February 27, 2009

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I’m a knitter, if you didn’t know.

I LOVE to knit, like I love to eat cookies. It’s very relaxing–the knitting that is. And it doesn’t make me fat like eating cookies does.

Right now I am knitting the Blue-Eyed Boy a sweater vest for Easter. I even let him pick the colors (what a crazy nice mommy!). He actually picked really nice complimentary colors (blue and bright green). The pattern is from 1950. My Great Grandmother bought the book for 75 cents way back when. When she passed my mom was given all of her knitting stuff because she had taught my mom how to knit (although I don’t think my mom remembers anymore) and no one else in the family knew how. When I taught myself how to knit my mom passed it all on to me. I have some really great books on argyle socks and such. I think the newest book I have was from the 70s (she died in the 80s just before I was born). I wish I could have known her. Anyways..moving on.

I really enjoy watching it come together. I am currently almost finished with the back side.  It’s full of cables and ribbing which keeps me on my toes (or fingers?), but makes it really interesting.

Here’s what it looks like so far:

The back

The back

Pretty spiffey huh? Well, I think so at least!

Now I don’t know if you all have noticed but for the last..umm….9 posts (including this one) I have been using song lyrics or movie quotes as the titles of my posts.

What in tarnation would posses me to do that?!? You might possibly be asking yourself (although not in such a strange way, I’m sure, unless you talk funny like me). Well, I’m going to tell you.

It’s Giveaway time!!!!! (Are you excited? Well you should be!)

One lucky winner will receive a hand-knit custom sweater vest for their little girl or boy. The only stipulation to this is that it will take me at least a month to make it, so sorry but good things come to those who wait! I’m going to leave this giveaway open for quite awhile so that I can finish the Blue-Eyed Boys vest and you all can see how it looks (and decide if you actually would want your kid to be seen in one!) And because I want to get more than just the 8 faithful readers to enter (I love you all–you know it). The other stipulation is that the winner give me some constructive criticism and feedback on it. I am thinking of adding these to my store and you (the lucky winner) get to be my guinea-pig (are you feeling special? I hope so!). Don’t worry I’ll just email you some questions to answer after you have received it, it’s easy as eating a pie…..or a cookie.

So, here are the rules:



Who can enter: Anyone

How to enter: Go look at the past 9 posts (including this one) and tell me the name of the song/artist or movie/actor(ress) that each quote is from. To make it easy I will link to all the posts at the bottom. For every quote you get right you will get an entry.

When can you enter: The giveaway begins today February 27th and ends March 31st.

What you will win: One hand-knit sweater vest in the color(s) (up to two colors) and size (children sizing only please) of your choice!

Here are the posts:





Five P.S.I’ve protected this one because I don’t want my almost in the buff baby all over the Internet (there are pervs you know), but you can still see the Title.





Happy guessing! and good luck!

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5 Responses to “I’m never going to survive unless I get a little crazy”

  1. janell Says:

    I’m not entering the giveaway since i can knit my own and that wouldn’t really be fair, but I just wanted to add…be careful if you add the sweater to your HC because of copyright laws. most patterns in books are copyrighted so you may or may not be able to sell them for profit. You would have to make enough cosmetic changes to make the pattern your own i think. not sure how many would qualify…but anyway, just a heads up since i know some mamas who have been in trouble with that sort of thing on their HC’s.

    btw…the sweater looks super cute! i’m tempted to make TJ one…if i even get out from under all the customs on my list.
    good luck!!

    • Jessica Lynn Says:

      Thanks for the heads up Janel. I have been looking into the copyright and when it expires since the pattern is so old. I need to find out if it was renewed though. =/ If the pattern is still in copyright I have some changes in mind to “make it my own” =)

  2. Kristina B. Says:

    Jess, I gotta tell ya. You know I’m crafty and I love it. But I am a crocheter. A few weeks ago I picked up some knitting needles and decided to give knitting a try. HATE, HATE, HATE IT! My fingers were killing me. I have a huge amount of respect for knitters everywhere.

    And yes, I know I was probably doing something wrong. I understood the concept, but had a lot of trouble actually doing.

  3. saskdoc Says:

    Dude, I am so going to win this one. Number six is from Frankie’s fave “Toy Story” because I have heard Woody yell that to Buzz about fourteen thousand times.

  4. saskdoc Says:

    Number five- what the world needs now is love, sweet love, it’s the only thing there’s too little of…..
    And now I am off to dance a bit to the tune with my munchkins.
    I am so impressed you have time to knit. I gave it up when Frankie was born although I wasn’t all that good to begin with. Lots of ripping out and NO cabling.

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