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Just between us February 2, 2010

Filed under: confrontation is my kryptonite — Jess @ 10:56 am

Dear fellow preschool moms,

I know I’m the odd man out because I’m the new mom in town. My shyness has prevented me from penetrating your little group because I don’t have that uncanny knack of being able to strike up conversation with people I hardly know. Our kids have, however, been attending this preschool together for about 5 months and I see you all twice a week. I’m fine with the quick hello and the small smile I get, although I would enjoy striking up a friendship with any of you, I’ll take what I can get.

But don’t you think at least one of you could have told me my pants were unzipped in the 10 minutes we all stood there waiting for our kids?

Seriously, we’re all moms here and attention to detail is part of the job description.

Sincerely from the lady who spent half her day with her pants unzipped (oh yea and I went to the bank, and the grocery store like that):

Thanks a billion!


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