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almost a week late–but better than never February 1, 2010

Filed under: a new year--a new me,Challenge 2010 — Jess @ 8:14 am


So sorry for not letting ya’ll in on the weigh-in scoop.

The scale-y verdict?

2 pounds down. 28 to go.

Total percentage for this week–6.66%

Pretty good huh? I thought so too, until I looked at the leader board.

6.66% put me tied for 6th place. Boo.

This week isn’t going to be good. We spent the weekend in Muskegon with the Hunks family.

And I ate chocolate cake.

And I didn’t go to the gym this morning. The Red-haired girl made that impossible (not that I’m knocking extra snuggle time with my baby girl, but it doesn’t burn very many calories).

I’ll let ya’ll know on Wednesday (for real this week!).


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