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Love is Not Selfish October 5, 2009

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The Love Dare

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Day three of The Love Dare folks.

Today’s dare was: To buy something that shows I was thinking of him all day.

This was a sort of you put your money into that which you love type of dare.

I know my husband and flowers or a card were out of the question. So, this was realy tough, and I actually did spend the majority of the day thinking about him and wondering what I could buy him to tell him I love him and was thinking of him all day.

So, I got him a lunchbox. I know, I know…it just drips of romance. But I thought all day and this will make his mornings easier. It will also make him able to bring some healthy snacks (which he’s been wanting too) for his drive to and from work (2 hours+ all together).

I also slipped a little love note in it for him to find.

All in all, he loved it and I was so happy to make him so happy.

It feels good to let things be all about him.

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One Response to “Love is Not Selfish”

  1. poetiscian Says:

    I love the note part. Making one of the most important people in our lives happy is but a small thing to do. Thank you so much, I enjoyed reading your post.

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