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Love is Patient October 3, 2009

Filed under: The Love Dare — Jess @ 7:00 am

Start from the Beginning:

The Love Dare


Day One of The Love Dare went pretty well I think. The Dare for today was to show patience by not saying anything negative to my husband. I’m not a particularily negative person so I found this dare to be relatively easy. The only time I wanted to say something mean was at 5 am this morning when he wouldn’t wake up to help me with the baby. I was so tired because she had been up a few times and I just wanted him to go get her for me.

It was amazing to me that The Dare popped into my sleep deprived mind even then. I was then able to get out of bed and push all those negative thoughts and words I wanted to say out of my head and focus on taking care of my baby girl.

It was a really powerful moment for me because if I hadn’t done that I would have been angry with my husband all day. So instead of waking up grumpy and tired. I’m just tired and was able to greet my husband with a smile and words full of kindness.

Hope tomorrow is as easy.

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