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Enter the Joke Master September 8, 2009

Filed under: Blue-eyed boy — Jess @ 8:00 am

Driving in the van…..

Blue-Eyed Boy  “Hey mom!!”

Me “Yes [Blue-Eyed Boy], what do you need?”

Blue-Eyed Boy “I need to talk to you!”

Me “About what?”

Blue-Eyed Boy “Let’s talk about a joke”

Me “Okay” (he knows a joke?)

Blue-Eyed Boy “Okay, there were three trees and they walked across a bridge”

(Still perplexed that he knows a joke)

“and they were walking and walking and walking”

“Then the baby was hungry, and it cried and cried and criiiied.”

(moment of silence)

“HAHAHAHA!! (extreme ammounts of squealing laughter) Wasn’t that funny, Mom? Wasn’t that FUNNY??”

(a little perplexed, but laughing none-the-less because he is laughing so hard, even the Red-Haired girl had released her beautiful baby belly laugh)

Me “Yes, [Blue-Eyed Boy], that was a GREAT joke”

and we chuckled the whole rest of the way home.

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2 Responses to “Enter the Joke Master”

  1. Kristina Says:

    We get those jokes in our house. The darndest things that he finds funny. The worst are the knock-knock jokes that make no sense, but that doesn’t stop him from telling them over and over and over.

  2. RocketPolitics Says:

    That is so cute 🙂

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