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Finding the fun in the storm August 29, 2009

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I love my Blue-Eyed Boy. He is the most wonderful, imaginative little boy on the planet (hey I may be a little partial….but then again–maybe not).

Yesterday was a rainy gloomy all around awful day (weather wise). But I didn’t let that stop us from running our errands. On the way home from the library it started pouring rain.

Now the Blue-Eyed Boy just loves the windshield wipers. I usually endure countless squeals of “clean it again mom!”, or “oh no, there’s rain, there’s rain get it OFF mom! Wipe it! Wipe it! Wipe it!”. And no matter how many times I tell him that it goes automatically by itself he still yells this at me while I’m driving. It’s fun (and cute) so I don’t mind.

Yesterday he surprised me when he yelled,

“MOOOOM, the rain—it’s DANCING on your window!!!” (my window being the windsheild)

This was followed by squeals of laughter and delight.

It was silent for a full 2 minutes and then (accompianied by more squeals and even a few hand claps)

“Mom, Mom, MOOOM the rain is DANCING on MY window!!!”.

I was awed by the wisdom and imagination of his description of the rain pellting the van windows even as I drove white-knuckled through the storm. It made the ride much more enjoyable. And I think I even loosened my grip on the steering wheel– just a bit.

He always finds good in everything.

My amazing little boy.

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One Response to “Finding the fun in the storm”

  1. Aunt Teri Says:

    Jess – I accidently left my reply on the previous post. Sorry. Anyway, he is too cute! (And please read my other reply on the post about your alone time.) Love, Aunt Teri

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