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Will it ever end? April 22, 2009

Filed under: When Life Really Sucks — Jess @ 3:04 pm

So we all got sick again. And when I say all I mean all TEN people that live in this house.

The culprits: 6 kids and two adults got pink eye (I can’t seem to get mine to go away, and the Red-Haired Girl and the other families youngest both got it twice now), 3 people had a stomach flu, 2 had a nasty wasty cold with an awful cough. There was also one case of sinus infection, my Blue-Eyed boy with an  ear infection, and I almost died (not seriously, but you know what I mean) from tonsillitis.

Life is good, right?

Give me another week and we can revisit that thought.

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One Response to “Will it ever end?”

  1. Monica Says:

    I’m so sorry you all got sick again 😦
    Hope with warmer weather coming around you’ll have a long period of time when everyone is healthy and happy.

    We miss hearing from you!

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