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Life’s little ironies….. April 2, 2009

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I keep trying to start this post and I get stuck. My thoughts are all jumbled and mixed together in a massive blob of emotion. My fingers are feeling rusty. Add to that the frustration of the batteries dying on our wireless keyboard and the fact that it just took me 2 minutes to type all that because the darn thing can’t keep up with my typing speed and that’s where I am. (not to mention the 5 interruptions of having to run and keep the Red-Haired Girl from killing herself by playing with an electrical outlet and having to crawl under the couch to rescue some cars for the Blue-Eyed Boy).

So I guess I’ll start where I left off on our journey into the world of homeless and joblessness.

The first week of March we were packing and getting everything organized to move. Everything was going along well- I was getting things done, not as quickly or as easily as I wanted too. But as fast as I could with a toddler and a fast crawling, pulling-herself-up-and-walking-along-everything bundle of curiosity. The plan was that we would move the majority of our things (especially the big ones) in the moving truck on Monday. That would give us the rest of the week to clean the house and not have to be stressed out.

Then Wednesday night hit. I woke up to the Red-Haired Girl barfing in my face. Oh the joy. At least she’s still little enough that a) her barf is just like spit up, (but really, who likes having their own breast milk shot into their face?) and b) she would wake up, barf, and immediately fall back asleep (oh to be a baby). She did this 3 times, I think. In the morning she was fine.

But  the Hunk wasn’t. He proceeded to barf his guts out for the rest of the day.

Thursday night was my turn. I don’t think I’ve ever barfed so much in my life. gross.

Friday the Blue-Eyed Boy got it. There is nothing sadder than a sick toddler. He had no idea what was happening to him and would scream bloody murder at the top of his lungs after he barfed, “I’m all done!” It was so sad.

Saturday we were done barfing, but still all felt like crap.

Sunday my poor husband had to go to his last day of work. He was pretty much better but weak. It was a long day for him. I spent the day packing like a mad-woman because we were moving THE NEXT DAY, and had lost four days of packing due to The Sickness.

But we moved fine. The week of stress free moving and cleaning up the house that I had hoped for didn’t happen and I ended up being frazzled to no end. But we got that house all cleaned up and got our deposit back (woo hoo!). We’re still not completely moved in here, but just have a few minor things left like hanging the pictures on the walls and I have to organize all of my sewing stuff (oh the horror that is my sewing area!).

Well that’s all I have to write about for now. Tune in later for pictures of the completed sweater vest! (you know you can’t wait!).

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One Response to “Life’s little ironies…..”

  1. Coco Says:

    Oh Jess! I felt so bad for your little guy as I read this, screaming “I’m all done!” after he barfed. It’s so hard when they’re sick.

    I’m glad you guys are all recovering and getting moved in, and I hope things settle quickly!

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