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The Mother Letter Project February 4, 2009

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Do you all remember a while back (and I mean a while–before Christmas) when I told you all about The Mother Letter Project?

Well, I’ve finally been reading through it. And it’s lovely.

The most thrilling part was when I found my very own letter!

Have you ever had one of those moment when you read something you wrote and your immediate thought was, “I wrote that? Holy snizzle sticks! I’m good!” (please insert your own expletive, I know I talk funny).

Yep, that was my response.

So because I think I’m totally awesome (not really, but I can pretend) I’m going to share my letter with you. Hopefully it will encourage some mommy out there in cyberspace who needed a little bit of a lift today……..

Hey Momma,

I hear music. I hear music in my baby’s laughs and coos. I hear music in the chatter of my toddler. I hear music in the mundane. I hear music in the steady inhale and exhale of their sleeping breathe. I hear music in the cries and tantrums. I hear music in the “I lub yoos”. I hear the music, did you hear it too Momma?

What a blessing children are! What a gift motherhood is. I never knew it would be so wonderful and so hard. But there is music there in the hard times and the good times. I live in that music, it ebbs and flows around me, through me, in me. The music of life. Of new life. The beauty of a newborn baby or a toddler learning a new skill is all around me day in, day out. How wonderful that I get to experience that. Do you remember the music, Momma? Even when it gets hard, do you hear it? See it, feel it, taste it, hear it. It’s there, momma, you just have to find it.

Dance with me to the music, Momma. Share in this joy with me. Dance with me, Momma! Dance with me to the music of life.


Did anyone else submit a letter?

(And if you haven’t yet you still can! It’s been extending through Mother’s Day.)


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