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And then I thought I was going to die February 4, 2009

Filed under: When Life Really Sucks — Jess @ 10:11 am

We have all been sick this week. ugh.

It started Monday with The Red-Haired Girl waking from her afternoon nap with a temp of 102.  No other symptoms, just fevers, high fevers, until Friday. Then The Hunk, The Red-Haired Girl and I came down with it.

Stuffy nose. Cough. Headache. Sore throat.

Saturday was worse.

Sunday I was feeling like I was on the downward side of the hill. The Red-Haired Girl was getting worse though. By Monday she had stopped eating. Took her to the ER. The verdict: double ear infection on top of the worst cold of the year. My poor sweet girl.

Oh yea, and the Blue-Eyed Boy caught it Monday.

Today I feel that I’m mending. I got some extra sleep last night because the Red-Haired Girl slept a ton better now that she is on the mend. I can finally breathe throug BOTH sides of my nose. My throat hurts less. I haven’t coughed in like 2 hours.

Gotta focus on the small things here, folks.

The thing I don’t get is The Hunk is already pretty much better, and The Blue-Eyed Boy is better than I am too.

Must be a girl thing.

Or some sort of cosmic joke.

Either way it sucks.


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