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Tip Jar Tuesday January 6, 2009

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Now that the holiday’s are over hopefully I can be more faithful with these!

Tip #12

Helping your toddler stay organized.

The Blue-Eyed Boy got a lot of new toys for Christmas. He has way to many in the first place, and I could never get him to keep them organized. So, The Hunk and I decided that a good use for some of his Christmas money would be to get him some organizing things. And because I have a crazy little boy who has inherited some of my neat-freakishness– he was super excited about it. We got him this big drawer cart, and two a-little-bit-larger-than-a- shoe-box-size totes. He also has a three drawer cart already, and a toy box. Plenty of room for everything now!

The problem was, I could spend all the time putting things in the containers and making sure to have a place for everything only to have it be a huge mess again the next day.  The first problem was The Hunk, as much as I love him, he never remembers where things go no matter how may times I tell or show him. That problem would be easy to solve–I’d label everything. The second problem was The Blue-Eyed Boy himself. He also never remember where things are supposed to go (he’s three-short term memory and all that, you know) and he can’t read yet. So, I decided to make picture labels.

I drew a picture of what was to go in there, like blocks, and then I wrote the word underneath. We have been working on learning some words here so I’m hoping this will help The Blue-Eyed Boy to begin to put some words together. I wrote everything in all capital letters so it’s easier for him to recognize the letters.

Here’s some pictures:





The new cart he bought

The new cart he bought

The 3-drawer cart

3-drawer cart

Toy Box

Toy Box

He is so proud of his newly organized toy area!

He is so proud of his newly organized toy area!

[begin side note: I am not the greatest artist in the world, nor do I claim to be, and I was kind of doing this quickly. So, please forgive my bad drawings! I plan to spend some time over the next couple of weeks and either take pictures and make signs from that, or draw better ones, I’m also going to laminate them or something. Especially the ones on the toy box because when he sits there his legs rub on the paper and almost tear them (I taped all around them after I took the picture). end side note]

It has worked wonderfully. We all know where everything goes. And we didn’t end up using the two a-little-bit-larger-than-a- shoe-box-size totes because they weren’t needed!! I did end up using them for The Red-Haired Girls toys, so she’s all organized too!

So, I guess a condensed version of the Tip for today would be: use pictures to label things to help your toddler stay organized.

Try it out!


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  1. Monica Says:

    Wow, that’s awesome!

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