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Welcome to the new location! January 2, 2009

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I hope everyone is happy with the change. I like WordPress a lot better already. Please bear with me as I figure everything out, I think I’ve got it down, but you never know!

Oh and we may have to have another template change extravaganza, and another chance to win something special.I don’t think I like this one too much. What do you all think?


6 Responses to “Welcome to the new location!”

  1. Monica Says:

    This is great! I’m getting ready to start a blog using wordpress, but I’m so lost! Maybe you can give me a few pointers.

    • bananapeel Says:

      I’ll try my best! I’m still figuring it out myself, it is a lot different from Blogger. Blogger seems to be more user friendly, but WordPress has more/better features!

  2. Monica Says:

    I’m clueless! Ok, let me start with a simple question…..can I import a background from my website or do I have to use a template?

    I feel like I have so much to write about, but nowhere to put it!

    • bananapeel Says:

      Do you have the CSS for your background? If you do then I think you could select a basic template and then insert your CSS and it would work to make it look like your website. If you look under the appearance tab and then click on “edit CSS” there is a big explanation there of how it works. Also, at the bottom of that page is a link to WordPress’ CSS forum. Which may help you more.

  3. Monica Says:

    Thanks! It’s getting there. There’s so much stuff to do and I don’t know what to do first!

  4. Kristina Says:

    Ooo…pretty. I’d be interested to know if you get more traffic here.

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