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In Case you were having a bad day…. December 21, 2008

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and need a laugh………..

The other day:

The Blue Eyed Boy hit the Red-Haired Girl
Me: “We don’t hit people”
Blue-Eyed Boy: (matter-of-factually) “I’m not hitting people, I’m hitting babies”

Day before yesterday:

Blue-Eyed Boy: “Momma is Santa coming here?”
Me: “probably”
Blue-Eyed Boy: “he coming here?”
Me: “yep, I’m sure he is”
Blue-Eyed Boy: “no he not, he not coming here, he at church”

Hunk: “Do you know where your Chapstick is? “
Blue-eyed Boy: “Actually, I believe it is in the living room”

Happy Sunday!


2 Responses to “In Case you were having a bad day….”

  1. Cindy Says:

    those stories made me laugh out loud at work. my korean coworkers might think i’m more crazy now than they did before…

    miss you!

  2. Andrew Betts Says:

    remember that babies are not people 😉

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