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Christmas Cookies Galore! December 10, 2008

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Anyone else making Christmas cookies this year?

I am!

Here’s what I’ll be making:

Pumpkin roll–my absolute favorite Christmas baked good–even if it isn’t technically a cookie!
My Momma’s sugar cookiesthe best sugar cookies ever!
Grandma McClain’s monster cookies–this is a new recipe for me, I’ve never made it before. It is my Hunk’s great grandmother’s recipe. He has very fond memories of them–so I hope I can live up to his expectations!
Chocolate fudge
White chocolate fudge
Peanut butter chocolate fudge

The fudge recipes are all my mom’s, as well, that she would make every year.

The Blue-Eyed Boy and I went shopping last night and got (almost) all the ingredients. I’m excited to get to baking next week!

If you look here, I’ll share my secrets with you! (complete with recipes, and ingredient checklist!) I saved it in the compatibility mode so hopefully it will work for everyone’s Word…it just might not look as nice as it does on my computer.

So tell me what are you making?


2 Responses to “Christmas Cookies Galore!”

  1. Aunt Teri Says:

    Hi Jessica -I am not baking as many cookies as I usually do. But I am baking Pecan Tarts (Michele’s favorite), cutout cream cheese butter cookies (Justin’s favorite), raspberry almond cookies (my favorite)and buckeyes (peanut butter, rice krispy mixture dipped in chocolate). I better get busy!! Aunt Teri

  2. Cindy Says:

    mail me some? please! i don’t have an oven. but i don’t think they’ll keep through shipping… 😦

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