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And the winner of the Bad Mommy of the Year award goes to…. September 19, 2008

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me. Yep. I won it hands down today folks. Blue-Eyed Boy electrocuted himself. Yes, you read that right. HE ELECTROCUTED HIMSELF.

Here’s what happened…..

We have been working on potty learning for a bit now. Today while changing his diaper he told me he wanted to go “pee-pee on the potty”. I said “Okay! Let’s go!” and he said, “I want to do it myself.”. Red-Haired Girl started fussing right then, so I told him to go ahead and went to get her in the living room. I had just picked her up when I heard the sound that no mother wants to hear–a blood curdling scream. My heart stopped. I don’t know how I got to the bathroom, but I did (adrenaline rush). He was crying and crying and saying ow ow ow. I am freaking out (on the inside, didn’t want to scare him more!) and trying to see if he’s bleeding anywhere and wondering what in the world happened. After much questioning this is what I think happened…..

He had went in went potty (yay! What a big boy!). Stood up and looked in the potty to see his pee (that’s what they do folks) and saw the outlet behind his little potty (yea, with no outlet cover, bad mommy, bad mommy!) and stuck his finger in. This shocked him (he said his finger and his foot hurt) and sent him flying to the floor (he said he fell down).

After some snuggles and kisses he was fine. I am super duper glad that I had just taken off his wet diaper, if he had done that with the diaper this would be a very different post—scary.

You can bet that tomorrow I’m finding the outlet covers.


One Response to “And the winner of the Bad Mommy of the Year award goes to….”

  1. Janell Says:

    holy moly! i’m glad he’s okay! outlets are no joke! We have most of out outlets covered. makes me think I need to go buy more!

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