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The best 25 dollars we ever spent. June 12, 2008

Filed under: Red-Haired Girl — Jess @ 5:58 pm

So, our beautiful and wonderful little girl wants to be held—–CONSTANTLY! Which isn’t such a bad thing.

Unless you have a toddler to care for that is
Or you want to eat
Or sleep
Or shower
Or, you know—go to the bathroom.

Enter the Fisher-Price Pink Petals Bouncer. I would like to kiss the person who invented this contraption.


I am dressed.
The dishes are washed.
The laundry is mostly done.
The toys are picked up.
Timmy is happy.
And here I sit—typing at the computer–with. both. hands.

In the words of Timmy……….”Ellie, where are you?”

(Timmy gave her his Piglet doll—isn’t he sweet!)

I am now going to go take a nap.

Thank you Fisher-Price.




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