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My Pregnancy Week 40 May 7, 2008

Filed under: Pregnancy and Birth — Jess @ 2:58 pm

Happy “Due Date” to me!

Today is that happy little day that has been circled and starred on my calendar for the past nine months. Today is the day we have been looking forward to. Even though I knew I would probably not have the baby on my “due date” it was still something nice to look forward to. (I think the actual number of women who deliver on their due date is something like 5%). And now here it is May 7th 2008. Just a normal day to everyone else in the world but a huge reminder to me that I haven’t had a baby yet. *sigh*

Okay, enough of that, I had to be depressed for a second there. I really am doing just fine. I know the baby will come when he/she is ready and I wouldn’t want him/her to come a second earlier!

I had a prenatal appointment last night. The baby’s heartbeat was beating away at a good 140. I am measuring at 41 weeks, so I am assuming another big baby, but you never can tell! My blood pressure was really high. But she retested me again at the end of my appointment and it was back down in a normal range. It was probably from all the rushing around to get there and everything that caused the high blood pressure reading so that was nothing to worry about, especially since it was back down to normal after a few minutes. The baby is in the same position it has been…..head down, back on the left side, little hip/butt up by my belly button, feet and legs off to the right. And the head would not wiggle at all! YAY! That is good news.

The past two nights I have been up all night with menstrual type cramps in my back. It does not help me get enough sleep and is rather frustrating because they stop once I get up. But they are doing something, I’m sure, and will hopefully make for a shorter labor. *crossing fingers* I just wish they would continue and turn into the real thing! =)

I have decided that if I don’t have the baby by Sunday I am boycotting church. I can’t handle another Sunday of comments and questions. So, poor Christopher will have to endure all that, I just can’t do it again….especially not on Mother’s Day! I think God will forgive a poor pregnant woman. At least I hope….*wink*.

Well, that’s all the updates I have for you all. I’m still here, still pregnant, still waiting for our little miracle to make his/her entrance into this world. And Lord willing (Please Lord, Please!!) this will be the last of the “My Pregnancy Week…..” posts!


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