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How Could I Forget? February 15, 2008

Filed under: Holton House Quest,Pregnancy and Birth — Jess @ 4:47 pm

Today we went to our NEW HOUSE (It still gives me a thrill to say it!) and took a couple boxes of books over (Sorry I pack them too heavy honey!), and I wanted to clean the kitchen and bathroom, etc.

So, while I was cleaning Handsome Hunk and Blue-Eyed Boy went on a quest for a snow shovel and a dish drying rack (I would like to introduce you to our new dishwasher–ME!). They were unsuccessful. Apparently Meijer stopped carrying snow shovels months ago (Did they miss the blizzard? or did I just imagine it? Hello this is MICHIGAN). Needless to say Handsome Hunk was quite surprised. So, Blue-Eyed Boy and I will later be heading out on a quest for a snow shovel—oh the joys of home “renter-ship”!

Anyways…in my zeal to clean the kitchen I seemed to have forgotten something very important.


And climbing on top of counters (shh don’t tell the Hunk I did that!) and kneeling on the floor would be regretted later.

Well it’s later folks and let me tell you……..

I need a nap

and maybe some Tylenol

and maybe some ice cream *wink*

But at least the kitchen is spotless.


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