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Please excuse me while I freak out February 9, 2008

Filed under: Pregnancy and Birth — Jess @ 3:53 am

So today Blue-Eyed Boy got a package in the mail from my Grandmother who lives in Florida. We open it up and there are two cars (there was much rejoicing from the little man) a new shirt for Blue-Eyed Boy, and 3 onesies for Oat Bran.

They were so small. I held them up and said to Handsome Hunk….these are too small. Our baby can’t be this small! I can’t seem to comprehend anything smaller than a 2T. I guess you forget how small they were at first because they grow so gradually.

This then spurned me into realizing that I am 27 almost 28 weeks pregnant. This means that I can safely have this baby in as little as 10 weeks. 10 WEEKS!! TEN. WEEKS!

Begin freak out now.

I don’t have anything ready. Blue-Eyed Boy was born in the winter so we can’t re-use his clothes because it will be summer!

We don’t have a double stroller.

We only have toddler size diapers and covers (yes we use cloth!).





I can’t handle it. I’m already feeling nesty and we haven’t even found a new place to live.

And then it will get even worse because




*deep breath*

End freak out.

Sane pregnant woman has returned. (ha! what an oxymoron)

Everything will be fine. I just needed to get my crazy pregnant emotions out of the way there. Babies don’t need much except food and diapers. We got the food covered, I just need to get on those diapers……


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