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Hey Ya’ll We NEED Some Prayer! February 4, 2008

Filed under: Holton House Quest — Jess @ 8:06 pm

Many newspapers, phone calls, and rejections later…..

We have found a cute little house that we LOVE!

It’s a two bedroom, has a HUGE yard (perfect for Blue-Eyed Boy), and it’s within our rental price range (and it’s not even in the Heights!!)! YAY! It’s also a rent to own type thing, which we think is pretty cool. It’s also right off of 31 in North Muskegon so Handsome Hunk won’t have a hard/longer trek to work. (for those Muskegonite’s who read this Blog…it’s on Holton)

We have a tour with the owner tomorrow morning at 10am.

We really want this house.

I mean really.


So if you would join us in “knocking on Heaven’s door” we would greatly appreciate it!


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