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The Internet Dilemma Part One……. February 3, 2008

Filed under: Miscellaneous — Jess @ 12:11 am

I have recently been confronted from many different sources that I spend too much time on the Internet. I have been pondering this fact for several weeks now, and also observing myself and how much time I do spend on the Internet each day.

I find I am horribly disappointed in myself.

I justify my excessive time on the Internet with thoughts such as….

“at least I’m not watching all the junk that’s on TV”

“at least I’m only reading good stuff like mom blogs, and pregnancy message boards.”

“I don’t spend as much time as some people”

“it’s my only contact with adults” (most days)

What a load of baloney!!

It is true that when I am on here I am reading other peoples Blogs most of the time. I am learning how to better organize my life, good recipe’s and craft ideas, child-rearing tips from those much wiser than I. I’m not looking at pornography, or starting fights with people. And yet….the sink is full of dishes….Blue-Eyed Boy needs a diaper change….the laundry needs to be done…..Blue-Eyed Boy wants me to play with him… husband is struggling and needs a listening ear. And what am I doing instead? Reading a Blog about how to get all you need to get done more efficiently….

Does something seem wrong here?


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