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A Day In The Life Of A SAHM August 25, 2007

Filed under: Parenting — Jess @ 1:41 pm

30 minutes to myself
29 “oh-no” ‘s
28 “Bob the Builder” theme songs
27 face wipes
26 “get down” ‘s
25 cd’s pulled off the shelf
24 dishes to clean
23 requests for Elmo
22 somersaults to practice
21 puzzle pieces to find
20 nails to cut
19 imaginative journeys
18 hairs to trim
17 froot loops on the floor
16 blocks to stack
15 matchbox cars to take everywhere
14 belly laughs
13 body parts to practice naming
12 stories to read
11 games to make up
10 little “piggies” to tickle
9 “Please don’t touch that” ‘s
8 cute moments
7 snuggles
6 dirty diapers
5 minutes of tantrums
4 loads of laundry
3 meals to make
2 owies to kiss
1 wonderful husband finally comes home!!
0 regretts


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